Meet Marissa!

Marissa is a coffee addict, dog mom, and peanut butter lover! She enjoys sharing her passion for fitness through empowering women to to love their bodies for all they are capable of.

Marissa has been dancing since she could walk and danced competitively through out her high school years and continued dancing while attending Boston University. It was during college that she first started working out in the gym, like so many she focused much of her efforts on the various cardio machines only doing occasional light lifting. Weight lifting didn’t become part of her routine until years later when she was looking to cross train for pole. Lifting combined with flexibility work has given her great results, she has never looked and felt so good!

Marissa discovered pole in 2012, and has been hooked ever since! She has fallen in love with the combination of strength and grace it requires. She has competed in competitions around the country and performs professionally with Moontime Entertainment Company.

 Marissa is based in Worcester, MA where she resides with her five fur babies. When she’s not working out you can find her volunteering at a local animal shelter or daydreaming about her next oversees adventure.


Education and Certifications 

Masters in Public Health, Boston University

BS Health Science, Boston University

Certified Health Education Specialist, NCHEC

Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, NASM

Pole Fitness Instructor, XPERT