Be Brave - Be Strong - Be Fearless

Recently I took a leap of faith and quit my soul crushing 9 – 5 to pursue my passion for health and fitness. I had completed my Personal Trainer Certification earlier in the year and was fed up with the feeling of being chained to my desk for eight hours today, and overbearing supervisors who could never be pleased. The final straw came when they took away a professional development conference claiming my work was unsatisfactory, I personally find it challenging to meet people’s expectations if they are not expressed and seem to be ever changing?

I decided I was going to quit, so I made a new resume to highlight my fitness related experiences and sent it off to every fitness related job I could find. I was fortunate to get a great response rather quickly and I took a personal training jobs at Boston Sports Club and coaching job at Strive Ninja Fitness. When I gave my notice, it was like this enormous weight had lifted and I could breathe easy again.

Another thing that felt great was to be able to share with people who I truly I am. Pole fitness has been a passion of mine for years now but was something I always kept to myself when starting a new job. When I needed time off to travel for a pole competition or needed to fit in a training session in during the week, I had to find other reasons to explain my absence. I am a certified pole fitness instructor and have been teaching pole on and off for about five years now, it was amazing to be able to put this on my resume and have it be the reason they wanted to bring me in for an interview not the reason I wouldn’t have been given the job.

I am still scared that I made the wrong choice, and with the snow on its way I am sure to miss the perks of a salary, PTO, and the ability to work from home! I am so much happier and even though I worry about how rocky the road ahead may be this was definitely the best choice I could have made.

Life is short, and I want to empower people to live their best lives through creating fit and healthy lifestyles.